Rappin’ Ex-Cop Got Shot For All the Wrong Reasons

Correction: In the post “Former St. Louis Cop Makes His Entry to the Horrible St. Louis Music Video Contest” we mislabeled our rappin’ ex-cop as a “hero”. Wrong! To quote our previous piece (emphasis added):

The latest entry in to the “That’s pretty bad, but I can make a worse St. Louis rap video” contest that seemingly sprung up out of nowhere is from “Tak”, a former cop that bravely took a bullet, quit being a cop…and then started a rap career.

We guessed that if a cop is “retired” because of being shot, he’s more than likely a hero. That’s still your best bet, but you would be wrong in this case. Here’s now the story goes of “Tak’s” fateful night…

On Nov. 9, 2008, [Former officer  Bryan Pour], then 26, was involved in a dispute outside of Mac and Mick’s bar and grill on Nameoki Road. Prosecutors have said that Jeffry Bladdick, 25, was attempting to defuse the situation when Pour, who authorities said was intoxicated, shot him in the chest with his department-issued pistol.

But where is Tak in all of this? (He asked as if he already knew the answer)…again, emphasis mine:

Pontoon Beach police responded and told people to drop their weapons. Another off-duty St. Louis police officer, 23-year-old Christopher Hantak, was intoxicated and did not comply, then was shot by a Pontoon Beach officer.

…and there you go! Heroism? Not quite.

Maybe this event will work for Tak like it did 50 cent?! Getting popped by the cops is getting popped by the cops yo! …or it just makes his rapping that much more lame. You decide! …no, wait, don’t decide. It’s lame. There, all done.

Thanks to our commenter CriagDanger for setting us straight!

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