Former St. Louis Cop Makes His Entry to the Horrible St. Louis Music Video Contest

What is in the water around here these days that makes every little weird dude think he can be a rapper?! I really didn’t think drinking a little homeless guy urine had this effect on people…maybe there is something else in the water.

The latest entry in to the “That’s pretty bad, but I can make a worse St. Louis rap video” contest that seemingly sprung up out of nowhere is from “Tak”, a former cop that bravely took a bullet drunkenly took a bullet (more on this follow up), quit being a cop…and then started a rap career. We really want to be there when they finally dislodge that bullet chunk that floated to his brain and he wakes up wondering what the hell he is wearing and why people keep calling him “Tak”. In the mean time, lets dissect his video!

Stand Tall” is what you get if you mix slow spoken rap with drunken Tom Petty karaoke, a cheap video camera and St. Charles County wanna-be-ghetto fashion. One could say the video is a bit “Tak-y”. Zing!