Missouri Sex Slave Previously Featured in Hustler’s Taboo Magazine

The horrible story of a Missouri man holding captive and tourcuring a young mentally disabled girl for years, a story we covered last Friday, took a weird turn recently when it was discovered that the July 2007 issue of Hustler Magazine’s Taboo magazine featured a cover story on the man now in deep shit with the FBI and his “slave”.

That’s right a freaking cover story! Here’s the cover (right, moved through the jump) with the victim on the bottom, (naturally) and blurred.

To review…

It started with Ed Bagley, Sr. (no not the actor) who forced the woman in to being a sex slave while advertising online for tortuous sex sessions. Sessions that were purchased by the other three men: Michael Stokes, a national representative for Disabled American Veterans, Dennis Henry, the Postmaster General of Nevada, Missouri, and James Noel, who’s job is apparently too lame for any report to mention.

Bagley has been charged with no less than 10 counts of various horrible things which could net him life in prison. None of this was on the radar in July of 2007 when he was the talk of Taboo magazine where he had a multi-day photo shoot after a Taboo photographer reached out to Bagley via an online forum.

What did the photog think after interacting with the “couple” during their stay in Hollywood?

“They actually seemed to be quite a lovely couple … if anything he was going out of his way to make sure she was as happy as possible. I was very shocked to see the government had any issue with them at all,” Marcus told TheWrap.

Although he said he met the couple only briefly and “may have very well been mistaken,” Marcus told TheWrap that he saw no sign the woman was forced, coerced or mentally disabled.

“I mean sure, he had a gun pressed to her back and told her he was going to kill her if she cried for help, but that’s pretty standard stuff at these photo shoots. They seemed very much in love as Ed un-sewed her vagina and clamped one of those bear trap maskes over her head before we went to lunch. I remember Ed had a ham sandwich and she had a glass of his urine.” …is what he would have said next but possibly didn’t because we made that last part up. Sounds true though right? I mean with this story how the hell can you tell.  Oooh! Lets also say they had make your own sundaes after lunch. Those are always a way to pick up your spirits during a tough day of beating the hell out of your coerced slave in front of everyone and taking photos of yourself winding rope (right)…freaking rope! …for your fetish cover story. This is when your attorney just closes his notebook, looks at you and say “Screw this. You’re on your own.”

Hustler is cooperating with the FBI and no charges are expected to be filed against the magazine publisher.

via The Wrap