4 Men Charged With Multi-Year Sexual Assault

Four Missouri men have been arrested and charged for helping to run a “commercial sex trafficking” ring. Dear Penthouse Forum!

The most disturbing of their charges involves all four men sexually abusing and torturing a young retarded woman for several years…years! They reportedly also forced the woman to work as a stripper. Still no word as to how they forced guys to look at her.

“The allegations contained in this indictment are among the most horrific ever prosecuted in this district,” said Beth Phillips United States Attorney for the Western District of Missouri. “The sexual torture suffered over a period of years by the victim is highly disturbing.

It started with Ed Bagley, Sr. (no not the actor) forced the woman in to being a sex slave while advertsing online for tortuous sex sessions. Sessions that were purchased by the other three men: Michael Stokes, a national representative for Disabled American Veterans, Dennis Henry, the Postmaster General of Nevada, Missouri, and James Noel, who’s job is apparently too lame for any report to mention.

The federal investigation began after Bagley allegedly suffocated and electrocuted FV during a torture session to a state of cardiac arrest on Feb. 27, 2009. FV, who was 23 years old at that time, received emergency medical treatment and was hospitalized.

How the hell did the investigation start when people saw the Craigslist ad entitled “Come rape my retarded sex slave!!! LOL” Feels like that should have sparked a little something. No?

Seriously this Edward Bagley Sr. guy is one sick fuck. Rape, fake “sex slave” contracts, killed her pets, took meat, clothing and video games as trade for abuse time and even had the poor girl permanently branded as his “slave”:

Bagley had FV tattooed to mark her as his property including a bar code on her neck, a tribal tattoo on her back with the letter “S” to mark her as a slave, and the Chinese symbol for slave on her ankle.

A Chinese symbol tattoo?! Can we convict him for that too? Those never turn out how you want, usually because they really mean “banana” or “chicken” when you think they mean something badass like “strength” or “I work out a lot because I’m hung like a button”

The good news is that these guys are going away for a long time with all this evidence, the bad news is we can not find our cable box remote and we’ve been looking everywhere! Freaking TV’s been on the Travel Channel for weeks now. There is a point where Man vs Food stops being funny. It was Tuesday.

We know, a story about decade-long sexual assault is pretty heavy for a Friday. Here is your horrible news video chaser!

via KMOV