Jogger Gets Pantsed, Didn’t Think It Was Funny

A Belleville woman fought off an attacker that came up from behind her while jogging, pulled down her pants and jumped on top of her. He was going to go with flowers, but thought it seemed to cliche. “Fortunately, she was able to fight him off enough, get up, get her wits together and took off running,” said Captain Don Sax with the Belleville Police Department said. “She began screaming as she was leaving and fortunately there was some other people on the trail that were on bicycles that were coming towards her so she ran towards them, they came towards her. [Read More]

4 Men Charged With Multi-Year Sexual Assault

Four Missouri men have been arrested and charged for helping to run a “commercial sex trafficking” ring. Dear Penthouse Forum! The most disturbing of their charges involves all four men sexually abusing and torturing a young retarded woman for several years…years! They reportedly also forced the woman to work as a stripper. Still no word as to how they forced guys to look at her. “The allegations contained in this indictment are among the most horrific ever prosecuted in this district,” said Beth Phillips United States Attorney for the Western District of Missouri. [Read More]