Rappin’ Ex-Cop Got Shot For All the Wrong Reasons

Correction: In the post “Former St. Louis Cop Makes His Entry to the Horrible St. Louis Music Video Contest” we mislabeled our rappin’ ex-cop as a “hero”. Wrong! To quote our previous piece (emphasis added): The latest entry in to the “That’s pretty bad, but I can make a worse St. Louis rap video” contest that seemingly sprung up out of nowhere is from “Tak”, a former cop that bravely took a bullet, quit being a cop…and then started a rap career. [Read More]

Slapped Rapper Commentary: Now The Dude Ignorant…

Remember last week’s post about the rapper getting bitch slapped while trying to lay his thang down? (“St. Louis Rapper Slapped Mid-Freestyle“) Well here’s a little YouTube follow up commentary from MissLaurenB18 Take aways from your one-on-one with Miss Lauren: She doesn’t want to get hit in the jaw because she was licking ice cream. It was random. Dude was ignorant. She’s “not even white”. Stop hating on each other. [Read More]

St. Louis Rapper Slapped Mid-Freestyle

Update: The original video was pulled from YouTube. This post has been updated with another found copy. Everyone’s a critic. Watch this rapper get bitch slapped mid-freestyle rap by a smiling “fan” below. Be warned though, this guy is hard core so he says naughty NSFW language. Comments on YouTube about the random violence include such quotable as: “oh hell nah we would have been fightin” “yo dat camera man shaddy as fuck he could’ve warned him. [Read More]