St. Louis Area Police Brace For More Violence, Practice Shooting Stoic Figures

Update: Changed the title, because obviously you can’t shoot someone with a knife…what we we’re were trying to say that they are shooting people holding kn…doesn’t matter. New title! This year, despite cheery tweets from @MayorSlay to the contrary, violence is as high as it’s ever been, but particularly noteworthy is the amount of violence we’ve seen towards police officers. Time and time again we’ve seen comments from the STLPD and their peers that the average criminal doesn’t seem to give a damn anymore about turning on the police. [Read More]

Even the Cops Don’t Want to Walk the Streets of St. Louis

St. Louis used to be the kind of place where some people would complain about how the streets were unsafe, but the government and the police would claim it’s not that bad, tell us how they’re working really hard, and show us all how it’s getting better. That day is gone. Even the police, people who wear armor and have been trained to carry weapons, have decided they’d rather just not be out there. [Read More]

St. Louis Judge Jack Garvey Is Taking a Stand Against Gun Violence

Holy crap, it’s about time! City Judge Jack Garvey (not pictured) has decided that enough is enough with the gun-related violence in the city and is doing what he can to stop it. Specficially, he’s taking every gun-related case that comes through his courtroom and multiplying the standard bond by 10. Judge Jack Garvey is now requiring suspects to post from $30,000 to $50,000 cash bond to be released until their case is heard. [Read More]

Ok, We Get It: St. Louis is a Violent Place to Live

In a report by Blythe Bernhard on Youths in the city are killed by gun violence more often than in any other city except New Orleans, according to federal data released Thursday. …and New Orleans doesn’t really count since it’s like those tennis shoes that got really wet one weekend. Sure you kept them, but you’re not wearing them any more even after they dried out because now they smell funny. [Read More]

Slapped Rapper Commentary: Now The Dude Ignorant…

Remember last week’s post about the rapper getting bitch slapped while trying to lay his thang down? (“St. Louis Rapper Slapped Mid-Freestyle“) Well here’s a little YouTube follow up commentary from MissLaurenB18 Take aways from your one-on-one with Miss Lauren: She doesn’t want to get hit in the jaw because she was licking ice cream. It was random. Dude was ignorant. She’s “not even white”. Stop hating on each other. [Read More]