Even the Cops Don’t Want to Walk the Streets of St. Louis

Even the Cops Don’t Want to Walk the Streets of St. Louis

St. Louis used to be the kind of place where some people would complain about how the streets were unsafe, but the government and the police would claim it’s not that bad, tell us how they’re working really hard, and show us all how it’s getting better.

That day is gone. Even the police, people who wear armor and have been trained to carry weapons, have decided they’d rather just not be out there.

“When we’re dealing with people who do not care about the consequences it’s just very dangerous for us and for the citizens out there,” said Florissant police officer Andy Haarmann.

Haarmann is a ten-year veteran of force and says the attitude on the streets has changed. People are less cooperative, and subjects on the street are more likely to pull a gun.

“The lack of respect for human life really,” said Haarmann.

“They’re not afraid of the police,” said Police Captain Michael Sack. “They’re not afraid of the criminal justice system and they are willing to engage officers.”

Well that sounds bad. What happened to the happy charts? The graphs with a slight downward tilt? The vague crime percentages that were just a little bit smaller than last year’s vague crime percentages? Lie to us dammit!

The city of Saint Louis has averaged 13 officer-involved shootings a year for the past five years.

It’s already had 13 this year and it’s only July.

Ah, well everything here seems completely f*cked up. What say you Mayor Slay, leader and central figure in all aspects of life in St. Louis? What are the next steps? How can we fix this?!

Good plan. It might just be crazy enough to…never work ever. For god sakes, the city has some nice things about it, but we’re guessing you tend not to give much of a crap about the awesome food truck selection if you getting a bullet dug out of your thigh in the ER. People seem to forget here that not many other cities are like this. Most people live in places where they aren’t worried about staying out too late, or spending time adjusting their daily walks so they can go through the “less dangerous” areas on the way home. The freaking cops don’t even want to be out there! It’s an incredible shame, and a fact the local government should be taking far more seriously.

Hold on, did Bane arrive? Is this the beginning of St. Louis’ reckoning? Why hasn’t he just killed us?! Do we get a batman? We’ll settle for a Catwman…hell at this point, we’ll even take actual Morgan Freeman. Anything really. It can’t get much worse, and at least Freeman can tell us over the emergency alert system how we’re all going to die in that nice soothing friendly voice of his.

via KMOV