BREAKING: Creepy-Looking Guy Does Something Totally Creepy

BREAKING: Creepy-Looking Guy Does Something Totally Creepy

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but that’s more of a rule of thumb applied to plain-looking or even slightly worn covers, it doesn’t apply to book covers that show some creepy glassy-eyed weirdo rubbing familiar looking panties on his face and you’re not sure where his hands are. You’re not buying that book. It’s ok to judge that one because it’s so obviously gross, just being caught lingering while you look at it might get you put on some government list.

Same goes for people like 21 year old Adam Feigenbaum from Florissant. Check him out up there. The after school special version of this story would have you believe that despite his creepy soul-sucking stare he’s actually a nice guy that helps his neighbors, but alas he’s actually a creepy ass guy who steals his neighbor’s panties.

[Adam Feigenbaum] is facing multiple charges after police say he stole panties and framed pictures from a neighbor’s home.

Police said Feigenbaum entered his neighbor’s house in the 2800 block of Holiday Hill Drive on July 18 and removed personal items from the home.

So Adam’s in some trouble now, but silver lining: She didn’t want her panties back! Score!

The cops wouldn’t tell KMOV if Feigenbaum has been released on his $7,500 bond, how creepy young-person depressed he was when he left, or if he’d already seen “The Dark Knight Rises”. Just to be safe, we’d recommend seeing “Magic Mike” this weekend instead, or at least bring extra panties to the show for a diversion.

via KMOV