Missouri Representative Wants to Tax Violent Video Games, Remind Everyone We’re Retarded Out Here

Diane Franklin, the Missouri Representative from Camdenton, has made the news recently by calling for a 1% sales tax on all violent video games, which is timely not only because of our nation current gun violence debate but also because it’s been a few weeks since a public figure from Missouri stood up, opened their mouth and reminded everyone that Missouri has stupid public figures and to continue to make fun of us for being fat redneck retards. [Read More]

Local Group to Offer “Almost Free” Gun Training to Teachers

SAFTI, Saint Louis Association of Firearms Training Instructors, who’s acronym is cheating a little too much to get the wink they were going for, is getting some free press today after offering area school teachers “almost free” gun training that would allow them to have a “conceal and carry” gun permit. SAFTI, the Saint Louis Association of Firearms Training Instructors, is offering St. Louis-area school teachers what he calls “almost free” training so they can obtain a concealed carry permit. [Read More]

Wentzville Tattoo Artist Invents New Belly Piercing Remover…Oh Wait. That’s Just a Gun.

A Wentzville tatto shop owner is facing gun and drug charges, which is a total bummer since he’s already in trouble for getting caught video taping women in his shop’s bathroom. The real shame of all of this is the lost of trust, because if you can’t trust your small town creepy tattoo artist to not shoot you or videotape you in the horrible little bathroom, then what do you have in this world? [Read More]

St. Louis Judge Jack Garvey Is Taking a Stand Against Gun Violence

Holy crap, it’s about time! City Judge Jack Garvey (not pictured) has decided that enough is enough with the gun-related violence in the city and is doing what he can to stop it. Specficially, he’s taking every gun-related case that comes through his courtroom and multiplying the standard bond by 10. Judge Jack Garvey is now requiring suspects to post from $30,000 to $50,000 cash bond to be released until their case is heard. [Read More]

Is That a Gun in the Back of Your Car at Work or Are You Happy With Your Last Review?

Hey cute girls at work! You know who you are. It’s pretty clear who the cutest girls are in your office and you’re one. We, the other people at work, need a favor. You know that creepy guy that does that job we couldn’t pay anyone else to do that we always joke might come in one day and kill us all? Well he might be able to actually bring a gun to work soon, so could you just quick give him a little hand release in the bathroom to buy us a few more months of safety? [Read More]

Missouri State Rep Cynthia Davis: All Guns All the Time!

Cynthia Davis sure knows how to make a quotable. She’s like a uglier Sarah Palin. Much uglier. It wasn’t long ago that the 19th district representative pull out a few quotes that got her named “The World’s Worst Person” by liberal TV talking head Keith Olbermann: “Hunger can be a positive motivator,” writes Davis, who chairs the Missouri House Special Committee on Children and Families. “What is wrong with the idea of getting a job so you can get better meals? [Read More]