The World’s Stupidest Tattoo Features 2011 World Series

It was a hot Memorial Day weekend in St. Louis, so you no doubt bore witness to a large number of dudes peeling their shirt off by the lake or BBQing or other mundane situations that make guys think they should take their shirt off. While all those shirts where being pulled off they no doubt uncovered lots of horrible things like fat, hair, oddly large nipples and more often than not, horrible tattoos. [Read More]

Wentzville Tattoo Artist Invents New Belly Piercing Remover…Oh Wait. That’s Just a Gun.

A Wentzville tatto shop owner is facing gun and drug charges, which is a total bummer since he’s already in trouble for getting caught video taping women in his shop’s bathroom. The real shame of all of this is the lost of trust, because if you can’t trust your small town creepy tattoo artist to not shoot you or videotape you in the horrible little bathroom, then what do you have in this world? [Read More]

Hey Ladies: He Looks Like That and He’s a Sex Offender!

Michael Campbell of Springfield, Missouri was arrested the other day after coming within 500 feet of a playground or public pool. Campbell was detained, not because he looks like the freaking boogey man, but because he’s also a sex offender, adding a second reason he should be nowhere near children. How this creepy bastard doesn’t have a crappy SyFy Channel or Lifetime movie about him yet, we have no idea. [Read More]

St. Charles Hates Tattoo Shops, America, and Kittens (Probably)

If you live in St. Charles you should know that your local government thinks your stupid and it hates good ole American capitalism. They may also like stepping on cats tails and punching smiling 5 year-olds in the stomach. The last part we’re not 100% sure of, but the first two things are totally true. Exhibit One: They, once again, denied tattoo shops the right to start up within incorporated St. [Read More]

Kyle Lohse Has a New Tattoo

Cardinals starting pitcher Kyle Lohse arrived at Spring Training the other day sporting some new ink. Let us guess! Some sort of baseball that’s flying so fast the cover is coming off of it? Ding! Ding! Ding! How’d we guess?! Oh yeah, every pitcher that thinks tats are a good idea get something about a ball’s cover coming off. They must be big fans of The Sandlot or something. Lohse has a scar the length of his forearm curving from his elbow toward his wrist. [Read More]

The Timberland High School School Board is Still Retarded

Way back in March of this year we told you about the Wentzville Timberland High school, and their teaching staff’s stomping on the poor little journalists of their school paper because they wouldn’t let them write about tattoos. Here’s how we summarized the situation it at the time: No one is arguing that the principal has the last call in his school, and we aren’t going to get in to that here. [Read More]

Eternal Ink Tattoo Giving Out Free Breast Cancer Awareness Tattoos

A tattoo parlor in Heckler, Illinois has been giving out free body art in the form of breast cancer awareness ribbon tattoos for a week now and the demand for a free pink ribbon tat has been surprising. There’s been a steady line at the Eternal Ink Tattoo Studio in Hecker, Illinois since last Thursday. The small shop stocked up on supplies and hired extra help to keep the lines moving. [Read More]