The Timberland High School School Board is Still Retarded

Way back in March of this year we told you about the Wentzville Timberland High school, and their teaching staff’s stomping on the poor little journalists of their school paper because they wouldn’t let them write about tattoos. Here’s how we summarized the situation it at the time:

No one is arguing that the principal has the last call in his school, and we aren’t going to get in to that here. This is really about letting the kids put their argument out there, be heard, and have a rational discussion about it. Hell, they even cared enough to start a blog about the subject, and just wanted to be heard by the school board.

…of course by the time all the people on the other side of the coin got done blathering about how censorship is good, time was up and the meeting was over. Go home. F*ck you kids.

Seriously. That’s what happened.

Here we are, eight months after that story, the kids lost and the school board effectively got away with being giant dicks to the very people they are trying to help, all over some silly article about tattoos not being allowed in the school newspaper. The only real winner was the nutcase parents cheered for the principal because he was “saving their children from tattoos”. Guess what guys, the minute your little Jessica gets out of the house her drunk ass is getting a flower on her ankle and won’t tell you until she’s 34.

…especially true since she’ll be getting some practice tattoos from the school this week.

Yup, this week, the Wentzville school district gave out temporary tattoos in support of “Red Ribbon Week,” and even went as far as to encourage the kids to put the tattoos on right away! So the Wentzville school district is not only taking a odd step in their anti-tattoo stance, but now are also taking the role of your drunk friend at the tattoo parlor: “Do it right now man! Don’t think about it! You know you are down right? You support the cause! Just get the tattoo so you can show everyone what you believe it!”

Then 20 years later, when putting away groceries on the top shelf, you can hear your 5 year old child his mother why she has roses growing out of your ass crack and through the eyes of a skull. Because it’s bitchin’ son…and your mother is a skank. Some day when you’re older I’ll explain the Winger tattoo on my left forearm and why you should never do cocaine.

via The Tip Line!