Get Your 2010 St. Louis Themed Halloween Costumes Right Here

We gotta say St. Louis, we didn’t see many interesting costumes running around last Halloween. Sure there were the staples of Sexy Cat, Sexy Nurse, Sexy Bus Driver, Sexy Lunch Lady, Heath Ledger Joker… It’s not that we don’t like the “sexy” costumes…we love them! Keep it up ladies, you actually did pretty damn well last year. You keep on smushing up your boobs in to that nurse outfit, and us guys will keep drinking to help make the second teir ladies look first-string by 2am. The fellas however, need help. There is only so much Captain Jack Sparrow we can take every year. We did notice a guy dressed as a car jacker on Washington last year. What a great costume with social commentary undertones we thought! One long walk later had our feelings confirmed, St. Louis, you need help and we’re just the site to do the helping!

  1. Zombie Tony LaRussa

“Need veteran brains!”

“Need to drive to California and think about direction of zombie team.”

…no Zombie Tony, this year’s Cardinal team weren’t technically zombies last year, but we do understand your confusion.

2. Larry Rice

This one is pretty easy: Throw a suit on your back, a dead animal on your head and go help a homeless guy…and then let the homeless guy go in downtown St. Louis and watch him with a smile as he breaks in to 4 cars.

3. Dan McLaughlin

This one is the scariest of them all! Don this mask, double-fist the drinks all night and then tell everyone how you’re “fine”. Don’t let people question your sobriety! Don’t they know who you are?! Ask them if they do…angrily!

(Oh yes sir, this is for real! Click on the preview below to get a full sized image suitable for printing at your office right now, cutting out with those scissors in your desk drawer and showing your buddies…and going home, throwing on a polos shirt and using this for your costume tonight. Do it! Do it! Do it!)

There you go. Three solid ideas for awesome Halloween costumes that will no doubt be a hit at any St. Louis party this weekend.

Were we wrong about last year’s crop? Do you have a great idea this year or, better yet, are you doing one of our awesome suggestions? We need those photos!