St. Louis Halloween Costume Ideas, 2012 Edition

It snuck up on us this year, but here we are, Halloween. Do you have a costume? No?! Well don’t worry. We got your back, like we have the past few years (2011, 2010, 2009): 1. The Cardinals Show up to the party and be pretty great for a few hours and then just fall on your face. Get up and go back to being good until right at the end of the night where you’ll need to start coughing and continually choking until someone comes up and asks you to leave. [Read More]

St. Louis Costume Suggestions for Halloween 2011

It’s Halloween, so here’s a few costume ideas from your buddy Punching Kitty: ****Zombie Colby Rasmus It’s perfect! Get yourself a Toronto jersey, a crazy sense of entitlement and a try to pretend you don’t have a personality. Walk around saying stuff like “Yeah, I want brains, but I’m not really working on anything to get them. Don’t want to over think it. Plus my dad’s been viewing to tape and he thinks he knows where I can find some. [Read More]

KSDK: Local Costume Shop Runs Out of Rally Squirrel Costumes They Never Had

St. Louis, we love you, but damn there sure is a large portion of us that knows how to hop on some little thing, and while interesting or humorous initially, beat on it and make it to something so dumb you want to smash your head against the ground to make enough goo leak out your ear so that you now think the overplayed stupid thing is awesome and interesting once again…and you’ll find cut off camo shorts totally awesome and wearable for several occasions. [Read More]

Get Your 2010 St. Louis Themed Halloween Costumes Right Here

We gotta say St. Louis, we didn’t see many interesting costumes running around last Halloween. Sure there were the staples of Sexy Cat, Sexy Nurse, Sexy Bus Driver, Sexy Lunch Lady, Heath Ledger Joker… It’s not that we don’t like the “sexy” costumes…we love them! Keep it up ladies, you actually did pretty damn well last year. You keep on smushing up your boobs in to that nurse outfit, and us guys will keep drinking to help make the second teir ladies look first-string by 2am. [Read More]

Need a Halloween Costume? We Have Some Ideas.

Halloween is only a few days away and if you are like most people, not only do you not have a costume yet, but I just reminded you of that and you went “Crap!” and now everyone around you at work thinks you screwed something important up or got fired via email and really want to ask you “What?” but are worried that you might drag them in to the problem if they do. [Read More]