St. Louis Costume Suggestions for Halloween 2011

It’s Halloween, so here’s a few costume ideas from your buddy Punching Kitty:

****Zombie Colby Rasmus

It’s perfect! Get yourself a Toronto jersey, a crazy sense of entitlement and a try to pretend you don’t have a personality. Walk around saying stuff like “Yeah, I want brains, but I’m  not really working on anything to get them. Don’t want to over think it. Plus my dad’s been viewing to tape and he thinks he knows where I can find some.”

A Football

It won’t scare anyone at your party, but run in to a Rams player while you’re out and he’ll run from you like crazy. Keep a stopwatch handy to give them an update on their updated 40 time.

A Knockout King

Dress like your a bad ass street youth and then just randomly punch people at the party. It will be a fun test to see who’s a flincher and if the STLPD can hunt you down before the end of the night.

Any of these are great, so pick one and be awesome and easily win your office costume contest over Jerry in accounting who will definitely show up as a “Rally Squirrel” which is totally original and not at all the same as his usual “unfortunate looking person in a halloween costume” costume.