Happy JC Corcoran Says Pujols Will Re-Sign Today Day!

Update: So it’s now officially Saturday and Pujols is still a free agent. Not because Corcoran was wrong of course, it was probably because this thing, this other thing and what’s his face did that stuff they were thinking about doing and that pushed the whatever back a few whatevers until it’s all ready. Then he’ll be right. You’ll see. Original post below… It’s Friday, and that’s a big deal for another reason other than the fact you get to wear a knit shirt and chinos to work and spring for the beer at TGIFridays during lunch. [Read More]

St. Louis Costume Suggestions for Halloween 2011

It’s Halloween, so here’s a few costume ideas from your buddy Punching Kitty: ****Zombie Colby Rasmus It’s perfect! Get yourself a Toronto jersey, a crazy sense of entitlement and a try to pretend you don’t have a personality. Walk around saying stuff like “Yeah, I want brains, but I’m not really working on anything to get them. Don’t want to over think it. Plus my dad’s been viewing to tape and he thinks he knows where I can find some. [Read More]

Contamination 2011 is Upon Us!

It’s a bit of a bummer that we won’t be able to personally cover St. Louis’ “pop culture/sci fi/horror convention”, Contamination, like we did last year because of schedule conflicts, but we wanted to give them a mention anyway. Contamination: 2011, the “sequel” to last year’s even seems to be even bigger with none other than celebrity headliner: Eric Roberts! Oh yes…Eric Roberts. The star (ahem) of both “The Dark Knight” and “VH1: Celebrity Rehab” will be in St. [Read More]

The Best of St. Louis, Laid Out All Pretty Like

We’ve been kinda rough on St. Louis lately, and though we feel it’s some needed tough love, we, like St. Louis itself, like to balance the bad parts with some equally as potent good parts which is why we were delighted to find one of the best “St. Louis City Guides” we’ve seen in a long time. The guide has been posted on Design Sponge Online.com and they included this intro: [Read More]

Love Stalker: A Take on the Romantic Comedy Befitting St. Louis

The standard romantic comedy is for “regular” cities, LA, Chicago, New York, we’re St. Louis, a place where no matter how bad your day went, if you didn’t get shot in the face you’re doing OK. We need something different!. Thankfully two guys, Matt Glasson and Bowls MacLean, have been filming the answer in South City, with the fruits of their labor, Love Stalker, coming in to focus with a new trailer (embedded below) good enough to elicit multiple viewings. [Read More]

Wentzville High School Grad Wins Survivor

We don’t watch Survivor because we don’t suck, but lots of other people do and a few of them told us that the student/male model on there, nicknamed “Fabio”, who won, happens to be from the St. Louis area. Pretty boy Jud Birza, better known to fans as Fabio, beat Chase Rice by one vote to take the title of Sole Survivor and the million-dollar prize. He also became the youngest player at age 21 to win the game. [Read More]

South Park Isn’t Far Off With Their St. Louis, New Jersey Local News Spoof

On Wednesday’s new South Park episode, entitled “It’s a Jersey Thing“, the plot revolves around New Jersey and it’s “culture” quickly taking over the whole United States. At one point, as the residents of South Park ready for the coming onslaught of over-moused, over-tanned Situation disciples, we are shown the local news of our fair town that has already fallen to the New Jersey masses: Loving the guy on the right with the spiked hair, but we aren’t sure why they felt the need to just slap in a stock photo of KMOV sports guy Steve Savard ****on the left though. [Read More]

Rams Kicker Josh Brown Gets Cameo in Jackass 3D

The new Jackass movie comes out today and it has an unlikely St. Louis connection via a cameo by Rams Kicker Josh Brown. Brown, the Rams kicker since 2008, took some time out of his busy schedule of kicking and then being made fun of by his teammates for being the kicker to hang out with the boys of Jackass and play a role in on of their painful little stunts. [Read More]

Reddit User Creates iCal Calendar for Forest Park

mjschultz, a user on the popular news sharing site Reddit, that happens to have a pretty great little St. Louis section, decided to put together a handy little iCal Calendar for easy importing in to whatever it is you use (Google Calendar, Apple iCal, your 5 year old flip phone) so you won’t miss any of the cool stuff that goes down in Forest Park. I’m not sure how many people are interested in this, but I’ve made an iCal calendar file from the official list of events in Forest Park. [Read More]

St. Louisan Andy Cohen Doesn’t Want St. Louis Housewives on Bravo

Andy Cohen, he of every Bravo reality show “wrap up” special and native St. Louisan, was intereviewed by the New York Times on the 8th specifically about Bravo’s “Real Housewives” series. The next season is all about Beverly Hills so that’s exciting. Tell us Andy, what will be different this season? Will the women have laser guns? Is it a double elimination gladiator-style fight to the death? Will they not be total bitches forgetting about everything else in the world, instead choosing to complain about people wearing the same dress as them to brunch? [Read More]