St. Louisan Andy Cohen Doesn’t Want St. Louis Housewives on Bravo

Andy Cohen, he of every Bravo reality show “wrap up” special and native St. Louisan, was intereviewed by the New York Times on the 8th specifically about Bravo’s “Real Housewives” series. The next season is all about Beverly Hills so that’s exciting. Tell us Andy, what will be different this season? Will the women have laser guns? Is it a double elimination gladiator-style fight to the death? Will they not be total bitches forgetting about everything else in the world, instead choosing to complain about people wearing the same dress as them to brunch?

It’s about women who live in the most famous ZIP code in the world. They’re wealthy beyond anything we’ve seen before, and they’re pretty much all moms. Many of them are successful businesswomen, and they’re all friends.

We don’t get this show. It’s one thing for a reality show to be about people that cook, make fashion, flip homes or fist pump, but who wants to watch a bunch of rich people being rich. You can’t have the life they have so we should watch them and feel bad with what we’ve got going on? Maybe Bravo should start a show in Zimbabwe consisting of a dude eating a cheeseburger. After 13 episodes of the guy slowing eating the most amazing cheeseburger ever in front of an audience sharing a rock for dinner, Andy could come on and talk to the guy about the biggest challenges in eating the burger.

“Well Andy, in episode three I hit a pretty big ketchup pocket…and I’m wearing a white shirt ya know?! So that was a scary time. I got through it though, and now I’m a better man because of it. …That shirt is ruined though.”

We hear most of the world’s terrorists were pretty cool with us until they saw shows like this. “Seriously?! Ok. That’s it. Muhammad, go grab your ass a “Doin’ It 4 the Virgins” vest. You’re going in. Don’t forget to put your toothpaste in one of those plastic bags.”

….we mean unless there is a plan for Real Housewives of St. Louis?  That would be awesome!

I’m from St. Louis. I know the real housewives of St. Louis, and I don’t necessarily want to see them on TV. Please don’t let that be a slam on my hometown because it’s my favorite place.

It sure sounds like he’s calling St. Louis housewives ugly…but it’s cool since he did the “its not a slam” thing afterward. It’s the interview way of emailing someone “HD still isn’t wide-screen enough to handle the Real Housewives of St. Louis. :)” note the smiley face after it to defuse the situation. We’re still cool right?

via NYTimes and our tipster!