St. Louis Sex Blogger, The Beautiful Kind, Bears All

The native St. Louis sex blogger, The Beautiful Kind, has had a busy year. She’s disappeared, reappeared, and written a book already. What does an anonymous sex blogger do for an encore? Bleached butthole? One of those giant plastic fists? In the ear? Nope. Instead she decided to expose the one thing she hasn’t already put out there: Her name.

My name is Kendra Holliday, and I am The Beautiful Kind.

Apparently the time leading up to this decision wasn’t easy:

I fought my own fears the past few weeks. My body has been stressed – my jaw hurts from clenching it in my sleep. Last week I scheduled several important meetings, including giving my daughter’s school a heads up. They expressed concern for her, which I fully understand.

The fact that I am a parent living in the Midwest makes Coming Out an especially daunting endeavor, and I don’t take it lightly. Ideally, this bold career move will enable me to support the school and other worthwhile causes.

…like reading the childhood favorite “Everyone Masturbates” to the Kindergarten class.

Well done Kendra! This a big step and congrats on taking the scary leap.!

Oh and for those that were wondering. Yes, we already knew her name before all of this. What kind of gossip site would we be if we didn’t?! See, we can keep secrets, there just aren’t many of them we think are worth keeping.

via The Beautiful Kind