The Beautiful Kind aka Kendra Holliday, in Child Custody Fight

The famous St. Louis sex blogger that recently came out and revealed her previously hidden identity, Kendra Holliday of The Beautiful is suddenly in a fight for the custody of her daughter. “I have officially received the lawsuit papers from my ex-husband—he is suing me for full custody of my daughter,” Holliday said today. “The reasons listed in the lawsuit all point to my sexuality. I am shocked and disappointed that my ex would resort to this, as previously he supported my decision to come out. [Read More]

St. Louis Sex Blogger, The Beautiful Kind, Bears All

The native St. Louis sex blogger, The Beautiful Kind, has had a busy year. She’s disappeared, reappeared, and written a book already. What does an anonymous sex blogger do for an encore? Bleached butthole? One of those giant plastic fists? In the ear? Nope. Instead she decided to expose the one thing she hasn’t already put out there: Her name. My name is Kendra Holliday, and I am The Beautiful Kind. [Read More]