The Castlewood Treatment Center Sounds Scary and Awesome

Four lawsuits have now been filed against South County’s Castlewood Treatment Center concerning memory implants which is not something we believed to be possible, but now we’re pretty stoked as we’ve always wanted to be a secret agent on Mars! The allegations made by the former patients include having fake memories that convinced them that they were victims of satanic ritual abuse, that they witnessed murder, and even memories that they had eaten children. [Read More]

Lady Sues City Over Trash Charge

Annie Cooper is 70 and when you make it to that age, it is your job to shit on everyone that hasn’t made it there by being as grumpy and annoying as possible, always finding a way to make every little thing in to a slight against you personally. That’s gotta be a great feeling, and we can’t wait until we graduate to that lofty position. Back to Annie though, she’s mad because the city is charging her $11/month more for trash pickup and the addition of recycling dumpsters. [Read More]

The Beautiful Kind aka Kendra Holliday, in Child Custody Fight

The famous St. Louis sex blogger that recently came out and revealed her previously hidden identity, Kendra Holliday of The Beautiful is suddenly in a fight for the custody of her daughter. “I have officially received the lawsuit papers from my ex-husband—he is suing me for full custody of my daughter,” Holliday said today. “The reasons listed in the lawsuit all point to my sexuality. I am shocked and disappointed that my ex would resort to this, as previously he supported my decision to come out. [Read More]

Can Former Cardinal Mike Matheny Crash At Your Place?

Former Cardinal catcher and still crowd favorite Mike Matheny is catching something else these days: Heat from a lawsuit filed against him and a few others by the Business Bank of St. Louis. … Did you see what I did there with saying he was a catcher and then saying he was catching things still, but then at the last second I was all like “Nope, not a baseball like you thought. [Read More]

Would Yadi Molina Skip an Autograph Event?

Steiner Sports Marketing think so and they Yadi’s little memory slip means he should pay them about $175,000. Which would be the $90,660 that they paid the Cardinals catcher to do the session and then another $84,340 for whatever. Would our big eared Yadi skip out on an event he was already paid to do? Who knows, but we think a lawsuit like this is probably initiated because they have some pretty solid evidence. [Read More]

Police to Protestors: “I’m sorry. Here’s some money.”

In 2003 the St. Louis police department raided the homes of several potential protestors of the World Agriculture Forum held in St. Louis that year. After six years worth of lawsuit, the hippies got the cops to settle and, like all bad little boys that do illegal searches do, write an apology letter: The department sincerely regrets the grievances of plaintiffs arising from the department’s response to the May 2003 World Agriculture Forum including the extended detentions or damages of personal property of the plaintiffs. [Read More]

Tony LaRussa Bows to the Mighty Will of Twitter

Tony LaRussa Bows to the Mighty Will of Twitter
#10 in your press guide, Tony LaRussa has decided to drop his lawsuit against Twitter over the fact someone made a fake Tony LaRussa Twitter account. No settlement, just Tony putting the bat on his shoulders and walking back in to the dugout. From Tony La Russa, the famed baseball manager known for his charity work with injured pets, apparently knows when he has a dog on his hands. [Read More]