Tony LaRussa Bows to the Mighty Will of Twitter

Tony LaRussa mug shot#10 in your press guide, Tony LaRussa has decided to drop his lawsuit against Twitter over the fact someone made a fake Tony LaRussa Twitter account.  No settlement, just Tony putting the bat on his shoulders and walking back in to the dugout.


Tony La Russa, the famed baseball manager known for his charity work with injured pets, apparently knows when he has a dog on his hands.

The St. Louis Cardinals’ skipper has quietly dropped his high-profile and much-maligned lawsuit against Twitter over a snarky impersonator on the microblogging Web site.

If you’ll excuse one more baseball analogy, from the start this really felt like Tony running out to first base to argue a call.  We all knew nothing Tony could do what going to do anything substantial, but maybe just because the fact he got fired up, something might spark his team.

Which is exactly what happened.

As put it, this case is a dog, and no matter how loud Tony yelled, he couldn’t change that…but maybe you can credit his yelling and dirt kicking for Twitter’s new “Verified Account” program.