Update on the KFNS Producer Arrested on Rape Charges

picture-11Back when Punching Kitty first launched in January, one of our top stories, and one that is still right up there on the top traffic-getting list, was about Ryan Huff, at the time a producer for local sport-talk KFNS being held on rape charges.

Because this story has gotten so much traffic, and since no other news outlet seems to be keeping track, we thought it was a good time for an update to the story.

Here is a quote from our original piece “Breaking: KFNS Producer Arrested on Rape Charges” that describes the charges against Huff:

January 24th, 2009 — Apparently Huff met the girls on “an internet chatroom.” After the meeting online, the two went to the movies, on a “date,” and then back to a house where they were joined by another 13 year old girl.  Shortly after her arrival they started partaking in sexual activity.  Huff’s alleged Playskool Orgy was noticed only after photos were taken and the girls where showing them around school!

We crawled through the court records for an update and here is what we found:

Huff was arraigned on March 6th, 2009 with the following charges brought against him:

  • Four counts of Statutory Sodomy of the 1st Degree.  This is defined as “Deviate Sexual Intercourse With A Person Less Than 14 Yrs Old”
  • Statutory Rape of the 1st Degree, Sexual Intercourse With A Person Less Than 14 Yrs Old, Serious Physical Injury, Display of a Deadly Weapon.  One per victim less than 12 years old.

All of the above counts are felonies.

The case is #09JE-CR00165-01 “The State vs Ryan A. Huff” and will be heard by Judge Mark T Stoll.  There is a pre-trial set for November 13, 2009, with the actual jury trial starting on November 30th, 2009.

Yikes. Guilty until proven innocent and all, but since the girls have photos and the charges are pretty hard core, I can’t see Huff getting out of this one.

Having never been to prison myself, I can only offer Huff tips I’ve learned from movies:

  1. Watch out for your cornhole.
  2. Eat a lot of eggs to get the respect of your fellow inmates.
  3. If you break out, make sure its raining that night.  Makes your final escape way more dramatic.
  4. You aren’t good at football are you?  That might help if you can help the warden’s football team.
  5. You don’t think you could get a motorcycle in there could you?  You could probably do a sweet jump over the fence if you had a motorcycle.

[Editor’s Note: Can you name all the movies I’m referencing in the comments?]