An Index: St. Louis Sports Stars on Twitter


With all this Tony LaRussa Twitter stuff it occured to me we should have an index of all the sports guys (and maybe some of the fake ones too, just for Tony) in one list so you can easily add them to your Twitter account.

Wait.  You aren’t on Twitter?  Watch this then.

We’ve made 3 categories: Press, Athletes, Fakes


Steven Jackson [Rams]

Leonard Little [Rams]

Donnie Avery [Rams]

Todd Wellemeyer [Cardinals]

Derrick Washington [Mizzou Football]

Blaine Gabbert [Mizzou Football]

Torry Holt [Former Ram]

Will Franklin [Former Mizzou Football]

Chase Daniel [Former Mizzou Football]


Matthew Leach []

Joe Strauss [Post Dispatch, 101 ESPN]

Bernie Miklasz [Post Dispatch, 101 ESPN]

Derrick Goold [Post Dispatch, 101 ESPN]

Brian Feldman [101 ESPN]

Brian Stull [101 ESPN]

Rick Hummel [Post Dispatch, KFNS]

Howard Balzer [KFNS]

Dan Caesar [Post Dispatch]

Dave Greene [KFNS]

Jeremy Rutherford [Post Dispatch]


Fredbird [Cardinals mascot]

Admittedly this list is based off my current connections (read: lots of press).  I’m sure I’m missing people, so if you know of any leave them in the comments or email them to editor at punchingkitty dot com.