Links Around St. Louis and Beyond – All Star Edition


The Riverfront Times put together a Guide to All Star Weekend, including their St. Louis “map”  Don’t miss the section of where sports celebs live to get your stalk on.

Patrick Says tells the tale of how his paid blogging past cost him a laptop.  Is that irony?  You decide.

The discussion of the “Largest Tweetup Ever” continues on Simple Justice.

Mary Louise Parker gets a little naked for…does it matter?  I’ve always had a thing for her. (NSFW)

The best video of a repossession of a Delorean from an insane Michael Jackson fan you’ll see this week.

Here’s the way you should have been opening bananas your whole life. Sorry I made you feel stupid.

Gary: Landlord of the Flies” is the best blog your aren’t reading.  Unlike Punching which is the best blog you are reading, but your friends aren’t.  Fix that today will ya?