If You Actually Got a Ticket to the All Star Game, Don’t Bring Anything

artsy_pictureAccording to Matthew Leach, the MLB.com writer that covers the Cardinals, pretty much nothing will be allowed past the gates for the All Star game because of the Presidential first pitch.

Here are his tweets from earlier today:

Working on story on stadium/city/etc procedures for ASG week. One thing mentioned: for the game itself, it’s essentially TSA security. #

“If you can’t take it on the airplane, you’re not going to be allowed to bring it in the building that day. ” – Joe Abernathy, stadium ops. #

Won’t be that strict for the rest of the weekend, just Tuesday night w/the President in attendance. #

I do NOT believe that applies to shoe removal. It was not mentioned. #

However, no bottles, even water bottles, on Tuesday night. #

Also – no re-entry whatsoever on Tuesday night. Not even for smoke breaks. #

They were not shy about admitting that traffic, parking and security will present some headaches. #

I would say that sucks, but whatever.  I can pee, smoke, leave, come back, keep my shoes on and take my pants off at home with the HD TV.

When we get a link to Leach’s full article, we’ll be sure to update with a link.

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