Kansas City: Oh So Now You Have to Have a All-Star Game Too?

Kansas City, St. Louis’ little annoying sibling, just has to do everything we do. First we were like “It would be awesome if our football team was really terrible.” and then Kansas City thought that was awesome, so now the Chiefs suck, and now after our All-Star game last year Kansas City wants one of those too. Commissioner Bud Selig will be in Kansas City on Wednesday to formally award the 2012 All-Star Game to the Royals and Kauffman Stadium. [Read More]

Pujols Hates the Riverfront Times

In the post “Don’t Blame Pujols: An Apology” on the Riverfront Time’s website, Tom Finkel tells the tale of their All Star Guide to St. Louis and how it ruffled the feathers of one big Dominican Cardinal: Last Thursday afternoon I got a call from Brian Bartow, the St. Louis Cardinals’ director of media relations. Bartow said the team had seen and loved the_Riverfront Times Guide to All-Star Week_, a special supplement this paper had published the previous day — all except the part where we revealed the home addresses of some current and former Redbirds luminaries. [Read More]

Cardinals Fans Boo Cub Player, Everyone at Home Loses Their Mind

Cardinals Fans Boo Cub Player, Everyone at Home Loses Their Mind
We all need to chill out on this “Greatest Fans” crap. Not because I don’t think its true, I think the average St. Louis Cardinals fan has got to be right up there in the argument to who is the best, most intelligent fans. No, I think we should cut the “Greatest Fans” thing because the weight of living up of that is apparently weighing on some so much that they have had the fun squeezed right out of them. [Read More]

If You Actually Got a Ticket to the All Star Game, Don’t Bring Anything

According to Matthew Leach, the MLB.com writer that covers the Cardinals, pretty much nothing will be allowed past the gates for the All Star game because of the Presidential first pitch. Here are his tweets from earlier today: Working on story on stadium/city/etc procedures for ASG week. One thing mentioned: for the game itself, it’s essentially TSA security. # “If you can’t take it on the airplane, you’re not going to be allowed to bring it in the building that day. [Read More]

Zt. Louis II: The Adventure of Links

STLog tried to find out what the deal is with the Cardinals and tickets to July’s All-Star Game. Strohm says that those with Cardinals season tickets will have an opportunity to get seats, but the exact locations of those seats haven’t been determined. The club will contact season ticket holders in April with more details. Want to Remember 1986 live? Hal Sparks is coming to the lou. So is James Taylor and is tickets are pretty expensive for a guy I remember being on Sesame Street. [Read More]