The 10 Best Horrible Things Retweeted by @BestFansStLouis

Joke Twitter accounts are the new awesome hilarious thing, and like @HologramTupac they spring up as fast as they cease to be funny. However a few manage to serve a purpose and our current local favorite is @BestFansStLouis who spends all their time retweeting the horrible things tweeted by Cardinal fans, also know throughout the land as “baseball’s best fans”. There’s not much else to say other that prepare yourself for the worst when following **@BestFansStLouis **because holy sweet baby Jesus dog farts some of this stuff is crazy. [Read More]

We Fill Out The Last 5 “Ram Rules”

Did you know there is such a thing as “Ram Rules”? Well there is, and if you were hoping a bunch of numb-nuts in over-the-top Rams gear can go through the first 5 with you, then you just passed Ram Rule #0: Be so stupid you need instructions on how to cheer at a sporting event. …earlier we mentioned those are just the “first” 5, and we say that no because we want to George Lucas all over this shit and make it worse, but because a there are clearly more than just 5 Ram Rules. [Read More]

Passed Out Pirates Fan Gets Face Queef

Pop Senario Quiz: You’re a nice St. Louis girl at the ballgame in your Molina jersey and your matching red shoes, and as you’re leaving, you see a guy passed out on the street…who also happens to be a Pirates fan…who also happens to have pissed himself. What does a nice young lady of St. Louis do? A: Help the gentleman up, and get him to a cab. B: Take his wallet. [Read More]

As the Cardinals Play the Cubs, Lets Take a Look on Their Fans

Another Cubs vs Cardinals series starts this weekend and we felt that is was high time we take a look at a sampling of Cubs fans with a little help from our friends at

Some of them are more attractive than others, but one this is for sure, they wouldn’t know what winning felt like if it landed on their face. Which it won’t. Because they like the Cubs and they never win. Get it? The Cubs never win. Ever. They’re horrible. Cardinals are good though. Not the Cubs.

Click through the jump to see the whole set of photos!

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Video: Rams Fans Eating Turf at Last Game of Season

We already talked about this, but we found the video and just had to share.

Turns out after this incident occured the Rams said it was all on purpose!  They claim the two fans signed up for something called the “Rams Quaterback Experience” which entails you getting badly hurt while an actual Rams offensive lineman watches.

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Rams Injure Fans on Fan Appreciation Day

Only the Rams could start a new “Fan Appreciation Day” and in the process, injure two fans while going for stinky gear from a stinky team. Two “fans” fell out of the stands on Sunday while reaching for shoes that were tossed in to the stands by Rams players. One left strapped to a gurney, but apparently Coach Spags seemed to think both fans were not seriously hurt at the press conference. [Read More]

Cardinals Fans Boo Cub Player, Everyone at Home Loses Their Mind

Cardinals Fans Boo Cub Player, Everyone at Home Loses Their Mind
We all need to chill out on this “Greatest Fans” crap. Not because I don’t think its true, I think the average St. Louis Cardinals fan has got to be right up there in the argument to who is the best, most intelligent fans. No, I think we should cut the “Greatest Fans” thing because the weight of living up of that is apparently weighing on some so much that they have had the fun squeezed right out of them. [Read More]

We Missed You Too

Over the holiday, nothing much is happening worthy of talking about, so we thought we would take this time to say thanks for the warm welcome back.  Here’s a sampling from Twitter:


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