The 10 Best Horrible Things Retweeted by @BestFansStLouis

The 10 Best Horrible Things Retweeted by @BestFansStLouis

Joke Twitter accounts are the new awesome hilarious thing, and like @HologramTupac they spring up as fast as they cease to be funny. However a few manage to serve a purpose and our current local favorite is @BestFansStLouis who spends all their time retweeting the horrible things tweeted by Cardinal fans, also know throughout the land as “baseball’s best fans”.

There’s not much else to say other that prepare yourself for the worst when following **@BestFansStLouis **because holy sweet baby Jesus dog farts some of this stuff is crazy. Here are 10 examples:

Note the use of “hash tags” and including Holliday’s own Twitter name as a reference. Someone’s on their way to getting their personal brand to achieve organic growth by effectively using “donkey dick” in social media vertical strategies!

That’s not a typo as only the deer in attendance at Yankee Stadium booed Pujols. It’s probably because he’s a known friend to Matheny, Wainwright, McClellan and Berkman who are all confirmed deer enemies.

Actually, he left after his contract wasn’t renewed so he didn’t really “leave” to be a Cub per se. Also really glad you clarified with your Twitter handle because I’ve seen so many fake-ass “AM6″s around here lately.

Seems kind of crass for someone who’s a “Sir”!

No. Everyone gets lonely but we’d probably just leave him alone or at most drunkenly yell “Cubs suck!” at him. …wait. Is he dressed like he wants it? That changes everything!

The #trader hashtag is a busy place with all the old people trying to offload deer meat for lawn chairs and the confused Pujols haters.

Wishing an injury seems harsh, but “something” could be anything so it evens out. Maybe he meant “I hope Albert Pujols breaks a leg or ends up with a box of Lucky Charms that’s all marshmallows.” Wouldn’t that be awesome?!

That doesn’t sound right…but maybe. What does Tori Hunter’s A mean? Because he seems pretty chill.

Jesus Chad. Pretty harsh words coming from a known @”Kitten Petter”. What would Mr. Whiskers think if he knew you said such things?!

Hmm… Freese > Pujols = F*ck Everything? Yeah, his math checks out.

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