Photos: Kyle Turley at Blueberry Hill

We’ve posted some pics from Friday night’s Kyle Turley show in Blueberry Hill’s Duck Room on our Facebook page. Turley can put on a show and in case you were wondering, his guitarist plays as good or better than his “guitar faces” would lead you to believe. via facebook. [Read More]

Summing Up the Weekend

Cardinals, Cardinals, Cardinals! From Squirrels to dancing on a broken Ryan Howard, to a defeat by the Brewers, this weekend was all Cardinals, all the time. Even we succumbed to the fever by live-blogging the NLDS Game 5 and NLCS Game 1. We didn’t go all in and paint our face like a giant red Cardinals baseball, like this guy, but we just decided to wear our red Cardinals hat instead of our stupid green one. [Read More]

Joplin: Before and After

Photographer Aaron Fuhrman has been posting photos on his Flickr stream of old Google Streetview images of Joplin with shots taken after the tornado. Amazing devastation.

Too bad that guy looking at the pile of rubble that used to be his house got in the shot. Freaking ruined everything. He really needs to start thinking about others.

The KSDK Staff Takes a Look in to the Past…It’s Rough.’s little sister site recently took a look back with some old photos from the KSDK staff’s past. Some are quite cute, like little Kay Quinn in her Hawaiian outfit: Awww. Next up? Art Holliday, the target of all spilled affection on the Art Holliday Facebook Fan Club. We had no idea he was a Little Rascal. Next up? Sports guy turned anchor Mike Bush! A few things to note in this picture: 1. [Read More]

St. Louisan Makes the Very First Ford Escort Truck

Driving down Forest Park Parkway, the “intra-city 40”, and a truck pulls in ahead of us.

Have you ever really needed a truck but only had an old 4-door car? Lets say you did. Now let me ask you this: In that situation, would you think to yourself “Well I’ve got a shit-load of time on my hands! Lets just make a truck out of my Ford Escort!”

No. You wouldn’t think that. This guy did though. Thought it. Did it. …and now he is legend.

More photos after the jump!

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As the Cardinals Play the Cubs, Lets Take a Look on Their Fans

Some of them are more attractive than others, but one this is for sure, they wouldn’t know what winning felt like if it landed on their face. Which it won’t. Because they like the Cubs and they never win. Get it? The Cubs never win. Ever. They’re horrible. Cardinals are good though. Not the Cubs.

Click through the jump to see the whole set of photos!

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Morons in the Humidity: A Busch Stadium Safari

As we said earlier today, we went to the ballgame last night…and unlike most times, we brought our camera! We have a few great clear shots of some particular Busch Stadium species we all know and love (to hate). First up is Ithinkimcool forsomereason-us which is latin for “smug douche”. This guy decides its in his best interest to ruin other people’s fun at the game because he’s sad for some reason deep down inside. [Read More]