The 5 Best Cherokee Street Cinco de Mayo Moments

The 5 Best Cherokee Street Cinco de Mayo Moments

We had a great time at Cinco de Mayo despite the heat that the lack of shady spots. The tacos were good, and music was lively (and hopefully not making fun of us since we had no idea what they were saying) and the photo ops were plentiful. Here are our favorites.

[Editor’s Note: Also, thanks for your help in funding the Cherokee Street parade’s Kickstarter campaign! It was just barely funded before time ran out.]

#1: It was hot.

…like park your family of festive hat wearers in the shade hot.

#2: Some parade costumes didn’t make a lot of sense

We aren’t sure if those are black feathers at the top of her top, or if that’s her insides being squeezed out. We’d ask if she could breath, but ooh! Candy!

#3: Other parade costumes were great 

They’ll even dance for your camera if you’re nice.

#4: These boots seem practical 

How would one even walk in these? We just don’t get them…they’re crazy awesome, but…huh?

#5: This guy is the coolest dude ever.

Not a single f*ck was given by this old dude all day.