South City Couple Sexually Assaulted Their Dog

South City Couple Sexually Assaulted Their Dog

Dana Kintz and Shawn Ingram have been charged with “unlawful sex with an animal” (which makes us wonder what the “lawful” kind is…accidental peanut butter oral would be our guess) after Kintz called the cops because Ingram slapped her around a bit. Not long after police arrested the couple because of photos found on Ingram’s cell phone of Kintz sexually assaulting a dog. To be fair, the dude’s face does kinda look like a dog’s ass so maybe she was just confused, but still you’d like to think someone could figure out their mistake pretty quickly.

Police said they had enough evidence to charge Kintz as a willing participant, but she said Ingram had forced her to do it and made her wear a dog collar and mask.

Officials said Ingram posted the images to animal fetish websites.

If you’re already grossed out enough after seeing their ugly faces, and visualizing them screwing both each other and their dog, well then we just hate to tell you that they also found (human) child porn on Ingram’s phone…because after all this, why not?

Ingram previously served time on a child porn conviction and is listed on the Illinois sex offender database.

Kintz later said she thought she was charged because she refused to help authorities in the child porn incident.

Lovely people. Lovely stupid people who call the cops on each other and the apparently just let the police look at their cell phone full of pervy stuff.

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