South City Couple Sexually Assaulted Their Dog

Dana Kintz and Shawn Ingram have been charged with “unlawful sex with an animal” (which makes us wonder what the “lawful” kind is…accidental peanut butter oral would be our guess) after Kintz called the cops because Ingram slapped her around a bit. Not long after police arrested the couple because of photos found on Ingram’s cell phone of Kintz sexually assaulting a dog. To be fair, the dude’s face does kinda look like a dog’s ass so maybe she was just confused, but still you’d like to think someone could figure out their mistake pretty quickly. [Read More]

Did We Miss Anything?

If you didn’t know, we were on vacation most of last week (and it turned out, yesterday as well…whoops!). So, what did we miss? Now back in the saddle, here’s what we could figure out: A few months back, two cops from LaGrange shot a chained dog. Now its a viral video. (See what I did there? I linked to a story the RFT did instead of just doing the repeat thing which isn’t our style…but happens. [Read More]

Donna Judish is the Sexiest Woman In St. Louis and Here’s My Plan to Get Her

Man some guys get all the breaks. She Richard up there? He somehow broke off a piece of that sexy Donna up there! Man. How did he do it?! It doesn’t matter though. Now I have a plan to steal Donna away from him so I make out with her and find out what that crust on the corner of her mouth tastes like. I don’t want to give it all away, but it starts with “Here’s a dollar…” [Read More]