South City Couple Sexually Assaulted Their Dog

Dana Kintz and Shawn Ingram have been charged with “unlawful sex with an animal” (which makes us wonder what the “lawful” kind is…accidental peanut butter oral would be our guess) after Kintz called the cops because Ingram slapped her around a bit. Not long after police arrested the couple because of photos found on Ingram’s cell phone of Kintz sexually assaulting a dog. To be fair, the dude’s face does kinda look like a dog’s ass so maybe she was just confused, but still you’d like to think someone could figure out their mistake pretty quickly. [Read More]

Rolla Farm Boy Loves Him Some Kiddie Porn!

Terry Dunaway of Rolla, Missouri was arrested for possession of child pornography Wednesday. Clearly he was arrested at an important event, like a work meeting or a gala held in a friend’s parents’ basement, since he was wearing his best “Farm Boy” shirt. The police discovered his stash during a random “Yeah, that guy looks pretty perv-y” check. You’d really like those checks to be more ineffective, but you can’t argue with the results. [Read More]

Mug Shot: Derp! Me Likey the Kiddies!

Scott Simmons, a 46 year old man from Alton, Illinois has been arrested after “hundreds of files” of kiddie p0rn were found on his computer. KMOV didn’t say how the child pornography was found, but after looking at his mugshot he probably either took it in to a Best Buy to get it fixed and forgot to change his little boy in the Donald Duck outfit wallpaper or simply ran around Alton yelling “Me likey the kiddies! [Read More]

A St. Louis Priest Likes Little Girls. No I mean LIKES them. Yeah, I know. Gross.

Its Easter and things are rising all over the place, except for a part of one James Grady, and if we’re lucky, it will be chemically unable to rise ever again. Father James Grady pled guilty to possessing child pornography Wednesday morning. The St. Louis area priest (yup priest) was busted last summer when Grady was asked if he had any kiddie porn on his church purchased laptop and he said “No, I’ve just looked at it. [Read More]