Mug Shot: Derp! Me Likey the Kiddies!

Scott Simmons, a 46 year old man from Alton, Illinois has been arrested after “hundreds of files” of kiddie p0rn were found on his computer. KMOV didn’t say how the child pornography was found, but after looking at his mugshot he probably either took it in to a Best Buy to get it fixed and forgot to change his little boy in the Donald Duck outfit wallpaper or simply ran around Alton yelling “Me likey the kiddies!”

Why do pervs always either stare creepily forward for their mugshot like the want to molest the camera or look away with a dumb-ass smile like the guys in prison won’t believe how cool he is when he gets there? Guess what Scotty? We aren’t sure if you can get Stockholm Syndrome in relation to the broomstick he’ll be repeated raped with, but Scott might find out after the years of “research” he’ll have to put up with.

via KMOV