St. Louis Has the Cheapest Gas in the United States

Apparently it’s someone’s job to “survey” the national gas prices over at the Associated Press and that sad little bastard has some shocking news for you: Gas prices have gone up 5.23 cents in the last two weeks! Aaahhhh! Quick lets go to war with someone…wait no…maybe it’s the President’s fault…or bears. Wait wait wait, be cool. At least we live in St. Louis and have the nation’s lowest average gas regular unleaded gas prices. Wheew.

St. Louis had the lowest average price among cities surveyed at $2.59 a gallon for regular. San Francisco was highest among surveyed cities at $3.16.

This is such great news. We were worried for a second that the new Semi Truck with a collapsable 7th row of seats we just bought was going to be too expensive to drive one skinny short kid to school, soccer practice and then back home to Chesterfield, but we just feel safer sitting higher up and knowing that we could run over a crosswalk full of kindergarteners without spilling my cafe latte.

via ABC News