Mizzou Beats Oklahoma, Sam Bradford Loses Bet

[Danario] Alexander’s Tigers face [Sam] Bradford’s Sooners in a battle of unbeatens in Columbia.

If the Sooners win, Alexander must wear Oklahoma garb next week at Rams Park.

If the Tigers win, Bradford must return the favor and wear Mizzou garb.

“He might look pretty good in black and gold,” Alexander teased. “You know, he’s gonna have to look good in it.”

Bradford shot back: “I don’t think that’s happening.”

Well sometimes things you are pretty sure won’t happen do, like Mizzou beating Oklahoma after getting thumped by them for their last 6 meetings or the Rams choking away a 14 point lead in the second half vs Tampa Bay…or when your down at Columbia with both teams’ jersey’s just waiting for either team to be dealt a devastating loss so you can throw on their jersey and go out and put your arm around some of those sexy, sad college girls desperate need of something to take their mind off of their athletic-driven pain! A plan that can’t fail..

Oh wow. Eww. Never mind. Don’t get us wrong, everyone is beautiful of course, except when you have a temporary tattoo and a clarinet up your nose…and you’re in the band…and fat.

Regardless, it’s time to don some black and gold Sam! …then after that talk to Coach Spags about not calling 2nd half offensive plays like a little scared old white woman walking through a Shop n’ Save who’s afraid she’ll get in anyone’s way or accidentally say anything racist when she goes down the “purple drink” aisle next game.