A St. Louis Priest Likes Little Girls. No I mean LIKES them. Yeah, I know. Gross.

Its Easter and things are rising all over the place, except for a part of one James Grady, and if we’re lucky, it will be chemically unable to rise ever again.

Father James Grady pled guilty to possessing child pornography Wednesday morning.

The St. Louis area priest (yup priest) was busted last summer when Grady was asked if he had any kiddie porn on his church purchased laptop and he said “No, I’ve just looked at it. I don’t have any downloaded.” to which the cops pretty much replied “Dude. There is some right there.” It was probably his wallpaper or something. People that are bad at computers always set weird crap as their wallpaper and then don’t know how to change it.

That’s not all though. Grady was also picked up by the police last July when he arranged to purchase sexual favors from girls on the internet from an undercover officer. When arrested, Grady admitted that his intent was to have sex with one of the girls. Duh. Also what was the point of the other girl then? Was she just supposed to get drinks or something?

Included in the ruling today was the requirement that Grady give back all the things the Church gave him that he used to be a sick little perv…like his car, a Toyota Camry, and laptop.