St. Louis Police Accidentally Catch Thieves and Manage Not to Shoot Any of Them

We loved this little note from the Globe Democrat last night:

St. Louis Metropolitan police said officers may have stopped several suspects from stealing a vehicle at Dr. Martin Luther King Drive and Jefferson Avenue Tuesday night.

Hey, well allright! Really nice work. Of course there were apparently “several” people stealing a single car so that had to stand out some way right. I mean if you see 5 people wailing away on a car, you think, as an officer of the law, you might say “Hey, why are you doing that?” and then apparently like in all good action movies the felons flipped out, making it obvious their intentions and possibly opened fire!

It turns out that no one was shot, so you’ve got that going too, but that sounds like just yet another accident. Do we live in a utopia where people basically arrest themselves and everyone has horrible aim making every night in St. Louis a real-life Naked Gun?

Yes, but sans OJ Simpson.