Did We Miss Anything?

If you didn’t know, we were on vacation most of last week (and it turned out, yesterday as well…whoops!).

So, what did we miss?

Now back in the saddle, here’s what we could figure out:

  1. A few months back, two cops from LaGrange shot a chained dog. Now its a viral video. (See what I did there? I linked to a story the RFT did instead of just doing the repeat thing which isn’t our stylebut happens. )

  2. St. Louis area TGI Friday’s might be pulling a “Wendy’s”. TGI Friday’s? Eh. No big deal. You can always just go to Applebee’s or any of the other 30+ area places like them. Wendy’s though? Please come back! The nuggets, the side salads, the fries you dip in to your Frosty! So good…but not good enough to drive over to 170 and Page for.

  3. A couple of AM stations talked like they mattered. KFNS is going to buy KSLG?! OMG! This is huge news! If only we were in town and had the $57 bucks in cash in our pockets! Damn.

*knock knock*

Us: Hello?

Mr. Opportunity: Hey. It’s Opportunity. Just wanted to let you know that I tried to find you last week, but you were gone.

Us: I know. Took a little vacation.

Mr. Opportunity: Well you could have had an AM radio station that came with a free drive-time show hosted by some ass that like to hear himself talk for free.

Us: Oh man…damn.

Mr. Opportunity: Yup. Sucks for you.

Us: Who did  you find Opportunity?

Mr. Opportunity: I found Dave Greene from KFNS. He was working on his time machine idea again, slipped and hit his head on the sink and decided radio still made money and he bought another AM station! …totally hit him up at the right time. Made some good commission.

Us: Nice. What’s he going to do with two AM stations?

Mr. Opportunity: Pretend he’s important and owns something that matters right up until he has to sell it like everyone else has.

Us: Ah. Makes sense…by that time, surely in the distant future, AM radio will be seen by everyone as effectively gone for all but a few key stations with huge signals.

Mr. Opportunity: Yup. Jan, 3rd 2011. Seems far away doesn’t it?