Kurt Greenbaum Leaving STLToday For Greener Patch-ures?

You know how sometimes news people will put a question mark at the end of their headlines or, even more commonly, the TV news anchors will do the higher voice thing at the end of stuff before going to the break: “Are there too many fat people in St. Louis?!”, “People find Randy Naughton informative?!”

This headline is just like those. The answer to the “question” we posed to ourselves is: Yes. Kurt Greenbaum is moving on from his post at STLToday.com

Greenbaum, you may remember, was the guy that looked up a commenter’s IP address, used that personal information to track down and call his employer, thus getting the guy fired and then promptly bragging about it on his blog. Totally made his feel awesome, right up until the time the internet reached down its collective hand, grabbed Greenbaum, chewed him up, spit him out and then took a fat dump on him.

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…we liked that subject.

After going in to hiding for a while and returning, although quietly, at the start of this year, Greenbaum is leaving the STLToday.com site he “ran” and the parent newspaper St. Louis Post Dispatch to be an editor on Patch.com (which one could also infer that Patch is coming to St. Louis).

The obvious joke here is to never comment anything even remotely edgy on Patch.com now that Greenbaum rolling in, but come on, we’re a little more original than that here.

Actually, in all seriousness, we would avoid commenting on Patch.com just to be safe.Image from KurtGreenbaumIsAPussy.com