Greenbaum Returns! STLToday’s Comments Under Hilarious Attack

New year and all is forgiven?

After laying low for all of December, the now infamous Kurt Greenbaum has returned to his blogging duties on…in a post about responsibility.


The comments on the post were shockingly on topic, but all I could see what the first page of them.  Clicking the “Next” link broke for me.  I know, totally shocking huh?

Also not shocking is the fact that social news site Reddit has already picked up on his return and the link has reached the front page with, at the time of this writing, 785 votes and nearly 300 comments.

It gets way better though.

The readers of Reddit have found a new game: Sneaking the word “pussy” (the very same word that a commenter tried to post and Greenbaum tracked down, causing the initial firestorm) in to the comments of his blog post.  Examples?  Sure!

Of course others are more direct:

Consider this your Groundhog Day Kurt.  Go back in your hole for a few more weeks.  It’s still not safe.