KMOV Cat Fight!

STLMedia is passing on a rumor from their anonymous tip line that KMOV she-anchors Vickie Newton and Jasmine Huda are involved in a brewing mess that one can only hope ends up in a Dynasty-level brawl with a 40% clothes-ripping-off-and-a-boob-popping-out chance.

Says the STLMedia source:

Jasmine Huda to anchor the 6 at KMOV, Vicki Newton is furious and had a fit in the middle of the newsroom. The tension between the two has been fun to watch.

…and that’s when Larry Conners makes his move pushing in that baby pool filled with chocolate pudding. They said “Larry, why do you always have so much chocolate pudding mix in your office?”, “When are you ever going to eat that pudding Larry?”, “Come on Larry, take that inflatable baby pool home. You got that thing like 10 years ago.” but they were all fools…fools! Larry Conners: 1, Everyone Else: 0