Adults Visit High School, Beat Up Freshman

We’ll say this for McCluer North High School, when you’ve got visiting adults dropping a beat down in the hall way, they sure take their freshmen hazing to the next level. [Three] women were reportedly at the school to take a female student, a relative of theirs, out for lunch. According to security footage, the women were walking toward their relative when she got into a fight with a freshman student. [Read More]

East St. Louis Video Taping Food Stamp Fights To Share With the World

Just remember: For every guy in an ironic t-shirt with think black glasses and a waxed mustache telling you how the world is changing for the better with every tweet about your “personal brand”, we’re also getting worse for every stupid ghetto fight over food stamps that gets posted to YouTube. Don’t get us wrong, we love a good YouTube fight, but still…no one’s making the world a better place through social media with this shit. [Read More]

Vernita Bruce Is Not Don King, So Just Stop Making Those Jokes Now. Frankly It’s A Bit Lazy.

Vernita Bruce is one hell of a mom! She has no comb or common sense and she’s clearly dangerously imbalanced, but she will go the extra mile to be horrible! Like when her 13-year-old daughter told her that girls at school wanted to fight her, did she just sit down with some Full House-style talk about how violence isn’t the answer, ending with a hug while the sounds of clapping come out of nowhere? [Read More]

The Last Last Samurai Got Arrested in Kirkwood

The movies taught us that “The Last Samurai” was an Tom Cruise-looking American general with long hair, but as usual the real “Last Samurai” is some old skranky-looking guy from Kirkwood. Here’s how it went down: Two guys start arguing in a Kirkwood home late last week and soon they were told to take it outside, which 46 year old William Earnhart did…right after he grabbed a samurai sword real quick, because fair shmair, you should have found a sword too if you didn’t want your arm cut off. [Read More]

Dog Poop Causes Fight at Lucas Park

Here’s what we learned from this story: People don’t like to be pooped near. Those same people don’t like being called racial slurs afterward. Police say the 38-year old dog owner got into trouble when his dog relieved himself in the vicinity of a girl lying on the grass. The girl’s father and the dog owner exchanged words. Police say the dog owner, who is white, called the other man, who is black, a racial slur. [Read More]

A Crazy Fight Went Down at Meramec Community College

Update: The video was removed from YouTube, but we have found a second copy on Ebaum’s World which is embedded below. Original post follows… There was quite the fight yesterday on the Meramec Community College campus and there was video, because just like all those fat Britney Spears snatch shots. as horrible as it sounds you know you gotta check it out at least once. The video’s audio is pretty NSFW, and the video is recorded in that iPhone tall and skinny aspect ratio which is super annoying, but violates no known HR policies. [Read More]

Town and Country Alderman is a Horrible Liar

You should be ashamed of yourself. The deer are what make Town and Country such a nice place to live. It’s aldermen like you who should be shot. That’s one of the emails Town and Country Alderman David Karney sent to fellow Alderman Fred Meyland-Smith after the two disagreed on how to handle their community’s deer population problem. We initially guessed it was because Alderman Fred Meyland-Smith uses a hyphenated last name which, as we all know, is only done by people that no respect of the sanctity of last names and deserve nothing but our collective ire. [Read More]

KMOV Cat Fight!

STLMedia is passing on a rumor from their anonymous tip line that KMOV she-anchors Vickie Newton and Jasmine Huda are involved in a brewing mess that one can only hope ends up in a Dynasty-level brawl with a 40% clothes-ripping-off-and-a-boob-popping-out chance. Says the STLMedia source: Jasmine Huda to anchor the 6 at KMOV, Vicki Newton is furious and had a fit in the middle of the newsroom. The tension between the two has been fun to watch. [Read More]

This is the Best Crazy Bitch Fight We’ve Seen in a While

Lets be clear. We don’t want to mislead anyone. This is the best “chick” fight we’ve seen in a while. “Chick” fights consists of 2+ attractive girls that probably really aren’t fighting as much as they are just wrestling to get people’s attention. They do this because it works. Chick Fights are awesome. This video below (use headphones) is a “crazy bitch” fight. One of the combatants is tall and lanky, the other is short and fat with pink hair that gets ripped off and both are really really pissed off. [Read More]

Hoes Be Trippin in the Loop Yesterday

Not sure if the sorta-thaw we had yesterday loosed up the frozen crazy, but in some crazy crap was going down in the Loop around lunch time. First at the corner of Leland and Delmar we saw a 70+ year old woman land a punch on a van as it sped through the intersection. I mean a punch too, nothing accidental. A freaking punch. Not more than an hour later, we saw a woman beat the living hell out of a “gentleman” over a video game. [Read More]