Vernita Bruce Is Not Don King, So Just Stop Making Those Jokes Now. Frankly It’s A Bit Lazy.

Vernita Bruce is one hell of a mom! She has no comb or common sense and she’s clearly dangerously imbalanced, but she will go the extra mile to be horrible! Like when her 13-year-old daughter told her that girls at school wanted to fight her, did she just sit down with some Full House-style talk about how violence isn’t the answer, ending with a hug while the sounds of clapping come out of nowhere? Hell no! She put her daughter in the car and drove up and down Natural Bridge looking for the girls so her daughter could fight them right there on the street!

When she spotted the trio of would-be troublemakers, Bruce made a U-turn in traffic on Natural Bridge and pulled up alongside the busy stretch to confront the girls, police say.

“Then, mom tells her daughter to get out of the car and fight the girls,” said Frank Mininni, the police chief of Normandy.

Two things: If you’re wondering how the Normandy police chief knows about this, it’s because he saw it happening out his office window! She drove her daughter to a street fight outside the freaking police station! Also, how crazy is it that Normandy has a police chief?! Who knew right?!

“It’s really stupid,” the chief said. “You’ve got to wonder what kind of home life she was exposed to.”

So what’s the plan Chief? Close the blinds next time? Tint the office windows? Turn your desk the other way?

Mininni said his department is trying to take proactive measures to cut down on teen troubles like what he saw on Natural Bridge. Last week, one of the Mininni’s officers was in Phoenix undergoing gang-resistance training.

Oh come on, that guy’s never coming back from Phoenix and we all know it.

via STLToday