This is the Best Crazy Bitch Fight We’ve Seen in a While

Lets be clear. We don’t want to mislead anyone. This is the best “chick” fight we’ve seen in a while. “Chick” fights consists of 2+ attractive girls that probably really aren’t fighting as much as they are just wrestling to get people’s attention. They do this because it works. Chick Fights are awesome.

This video below (use headphones) is a “crazy bitch” fight.  One of the combatants is tall and lanky, the other is short and fat with pink hair that gets ripped off and both are really really pissed off. Also a gun is involved for a short time and then they go back to ripping each others shirts off, which would have been cool, had this been a “chick” fight.

Our favorites parts were the guy that tries to break up the fight like 3 times and each time just ends up walking away looking freaked out and the fact that this video had the most epic car on video since the General Lee. I dub thee Sargent Murphy Lee.

Anyone know where this place is in St. Louis? It looks like a place a mile east on Delmar from the loop, but I can’t tell. There are way too many weaves and boobs I don’t want to see in the way of the scenery.