Even Sitting in a Dumpster, Beer is Beer

Two Columbia, MO garbage men decided throwing away one shipment of expired beer was hard enough, and they just couldn’t bring themselves to do it again.

A Columbia distributor, Scheppers Distributing Co., sent 1,500 cases of expired beer to the landfill on April 1 in two shipments. The first shipment was destroyed immediately, but the second, containing about 700 cases of Budweiser and Michelob Ultra, was not.

Margrace Buckler, the city’s human resource director, said two Solid Waste Division workers, who haven’t been identified, brought a city pickup truck to the landfill and hauled off about 50 cases of the beer.

Now after being confronted about their expired haul (after security camera footage fingered them) and one of them quitting over it, the city can’t decide if this is a crime, and something the police should deal with, or just a slip of garbage man slip of ethics. Yes apparently stealing expired beer from a landfill could, in fact be a legal matter.

Once the beer was left at the landfill, it became city property. That means the city could be liable if the sanitation workers shared it with other people, Buckler said.

We thought taking all the crap no one wanted anymore was like the main perk of being a garbage man. I mean, sure you basically deal with stank shit all day but you get to take home the cool chain-mail tank top you found beneath that pile of cheese and sorta cleaned off. Livin’ the dream man. Woah, hello! Dudes dropping of tons of beer. 2/19/2010. What’s today’s date?! Pretty sure its the first of Drunktober!

So was losing your job and possibly some sort of, albeit probably minor, criminal charge worth 50 cases of beer? …wait. 50 cases of expired beer?  Have you ever had an expired beer? Tastes like that beer you hate. You know. The one that everyone likes, but you because you have such refined tastes. You can’t be drinking that stuff!  How do you even know if it’s expired right?! High five! Now fist bump. Now lets do that jump in the air chest thing. Ok, now lets to that thing that Will and Jazz used to do on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Pfft. That beer. Total crap. Lets go have some of that good beer we both like.

via the AP