She Must Have Really Wanted a Snow Cone

This story is either a great reason to keep old people off the road or that snow cones are too damn delicious to have so close to high-traffic roads on nice days like these.

Yesterday evening, someone just full-on slammed their car in to the Cup-O-Sno shack in Maplewood. Grandma really wedged her Cadillac car in there good because it took a set of firefighters, an EMS crew, an Ameren UE contingent and the Jaws of Life to get her out of the car, which is a lot since usually it only takes the firefighters and the Ameren UE team to get her out of every other chair she sits down in.

But what of the Cup-O-Sno?

No one was inside the snow cone stand at the time of the accident.  The owner of the business said he was a week away from opening for the year.  And although the business was completely demolished, he said he will rebuild and reopen.

Are you sure your going to be able to scrounge up an ice maker, bottles of fruit juice, little wax paper cones and a cheap plastic barn in time for the summer?! We want our parking lot emergency snow cone in July dammit!

via KSDK