Top 10 Things We Wish Stan Kroenke Would Step in and Buy

Stan Kroenke shocked everyone by jumping in at the last second to make a play for 100% ownership of the St. Louis Rams. That’s fine and all, but the Rams had a buyer already. Their’s way better stuff for Kroenke to drop his cash on…

  1. Arby’s. Who doesn’t love Arby’s?

  2. A soccer team.

  3. 4,000 pairs of white socks. Never buy socks again.

  4. Nickelback. So they’ll never play again.

  5. 1 lion, 1 gorilla, 1 cage, tons of seats.

  6. The cast and set of Charles In Charge.

  7. A massaging robot…an asian massaging robot. For us. As a present.

  8. Kryptonite, to finally stop that insufferable Superman!

  9. Me. *wink*

  10. Better hair.