Gas is Expensive

As of right now, the price of gas is right around $4 a gallon in St. Louis. Area owners of giant trucks or SUVs are currently torn between hatin’ that dang Obama because of the gas prices, but still loving the fact he killed that dang Osama. Poor fellers, that sure is a lot of of “danging” and like-sounding names. The following things are now no longer driving for because they were barely worth it with gas was only $3 a gallon: [Read More]
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New city attraction signs aren’t free to businesses

Short version: The city is dropping some cash to put up signs all over the place that point to various places of interest like famous restaurants, neighborhoods or attractions. Some are whining about this though when they found out that the signs will only be leading the way to attractions that have paid the city for the sign placement. There are lots of problems people can, and should, be complaining about, but this isn’t one of them. [Read More]

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster Lists the 15 Worst Charities

According to Missouri’s Attorney General Chris Koster, there are charities out there that aren’t really here to help! Some charities are super helpful organizations that take money and give all of it over to whatever their cause is…women that like fat guys or Mexicans something…but other charities take your money, pocket most of it and then throw a few pennies at their “cause” to keep things nice and legal. We’re starting to think that money we gave to the “Women Helping Others Reach Elevated Standards” last week won’t really help anything except for Cinnamon’s issues with her pimp. [Read More]

Pujols’ Agent Quits Firm

Pujols’ agent, Dan Lozano, pulled a Jerry McGuire Tuesday, leaving his prominent sports agency and taking with him his list of big time clients. “Danny Lozano has left Beverly Hills Sports Council, and we wish him well in his future endeavors,” said agent Jeff Borris. Lozano’s departure is likely to have major ramifications within the industry. Pujols, an eight-time All-Star and three-time Most Valuable Player with the St. Louis Cardinals, is closing in on free agency, and is expected to sign an enormous contract in the aftermath of big recent deals for Minnesota catcher Joe Mauer, Philadelphia first baseman Ryan Howard and others. [Read More]

Top 10 Things We Wish Stan Kroenke Would Step in and Buy

Stan Kroenke shocked everyone by jumping in at the last second to make a play for 100% ownership of the St. Louis Rams. That’s fine and all, but the Rams had a buyer already. Their’s way better stuff for Kroenke to drop his cash on… Arby’s. Who doesn’t love Arby’s? A soccer team. 4,000 pairs of white socks. Never buy socks again. Nickelback. So they’ll never play again. 1 lion, 1 gorilla, 1 cage, tons of seats. [Read More]

New Casino Opens to Allow Old People Slowly Die While Giving Their Money Away

St. Louis has another casino. Let me guess, its name has “arch”, “gateway” or “river” in it. The [River City] casino opened after a parade and ceremonies where St. Louis Cardinals’ baseball Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith pulled a lever on an oversized slot machine to officially open the doors. The 90,000 square foot casino game floor features more than 2,000 slot machines and 55 table games. The odd thing with non-Las Vegas casinos is that they are pretty much old folks home that serve drinks to young people at night. [Read More]

St. Louis City Faces Budget Cuts

I don’t want to shock any of you, but apparently we are going through some kind of economic depression. Its been a bit of a secret, but apparently it is hitting the city of St. Louis. Get ready for the budget cuts! What are we talking about? City Hall jobs could be cut, less trash pick up, down to once a week, and even possibly losing the Forest Park Rangers! [Read More]

Rich Guy Toys With Science Center

According to St. Louis Public Radio KWMU some crazy rich guys is playing sport with a sack full of money and the Science Center a la “Brewster’s Millions” or “The Most Dangerous Game” The St. Louis Science Center has launched an end-of-the-year fund-raising push in order to secure $500,000 from a long-time supporter. The museum must raise the same amount by December 31st. Science Center president Doug King says the museum has received similar challenge grants in the past, but they have been limited to specific projects. [Read More]

Come Buy Some Random Crap From St. Charles This Weekend!

Dude! Oh man, what’s up?! Don’t you recognize me?! It’s St. Charles man! Your boy St. Chuck! …look, I’ve got a problem man. Could I get a few bucks from you? No no no no! Its not like that. Its just…man…times are tough dude and I…I just need a little cash right now to get me through. Ok ok. Its not charity man! I’m selling some stuff! …um look, here’s a list. [Read More]

Eye For an Eye: Missouri Taking Prisoner’s Left Behind Money

So here’s the scam: The state of Missouri arrests and jails people. Sometimes those people leave for whatever “unauthorized” reason, like prisoners that walk away from half-way homes or just those that just straight up escape…and when that happens, the State just takes the money they left in their prison bank accounts. Is that right? The Missouri Department of Corrections says “Yes!” but Auditor Susan Montee says “No!” Call it the $1 million state bonanza, courtesy of escaped prisoners and halfway house walkaways. [Read More]