St. Louis City Faces Budget Cuts

I don’t want to shock any of you, but apparently we are going through some kind of economic depression. Its been a bit of a secret, but apparently it is hitting the city of St. Louis. Get ready for the budget cuts! What are we talking about? City Hall jobs could be cut, less trash pick up, down to once a week, and even possibly losing the Forest Park Rangers! [Read More]

St. Louis To Keep Sucking Until 2014

According to a new report on the St. Louis economy, we won’t return to the pre-recession job availability level until 2014. The region will have lost 64,700 jobs, or 4.7 percent of its pre-recession total, by the time the local economy turns around in five years, according to a forecast released Monday by IHS Global Insight. “While most areas will begin increasing employment again in 2010, it will be tepid, with only 118 metros crossing the 1,000-job mark next year,” IHS said. [Read More]